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Outraged Homeowners Highlighted in Palisadian-Post

The Palisadian-Post wrote an excellent article that was published today entitled Sunset Residents (Marquez-Salerno) Angered by Sudden Parking Tickets.  Staff Writer Sue Pascoe has done an excellent job framing the issue before us today, specifically that we have no other available parking and the City has been unwavering in their opposition to having a small subset of affected residents park (God forbid) in front of their own homes.

What was not said, but should be noted, is that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, under the visionary leadership of Jaime de la Vega, has single-handedly attempted to decrease our property values, negatively impact our lives and destroy the belief t we once had in our public servants to do the right thing on behalf of its constituents.  Whether we’ve lived her for a day or six decades, the unexpected and heavy-handed ticketing lacks common sense.

We have received a report that the City denied the ticket appeals within a grand total of four days, claiming to have undertaken an investigation.  What bureaucratic entity like our “fair” City can start and finish an investigation within four days?  (that is a rhetorical question – you need not answer).

The great City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, long known for going the extra mile for his constituents, is in the batter’s box and is staring down the DOT and the City Attorney.  Will he be successful?

Sue Pascoe


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  1. hotshot bald cop

    I just mentioned that a couple of days ago!!!

  2. Angry Neighbor

    Lost a piece of her precious garden to the CITY 😦

  3. The parking area in question does not block or endanger any pedestrians nor does it cause any danger to the traffic on Sunset Boulevard.
    There is no ADA issue here.

  4. ADA issues in the Palisades are the lack of curb cuts and the case of the disappearing sidewalks. This? This is a non-issue.

  5. I’m disgusted by the heavy-handed enforcement actions. I’m getting up there in age and walking a few blocks to my car every day is not what I had in mind for my golden years. Thank you City of Los Angeles for making life difficult for no reason.


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