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Parkway Madness Continues

Steve Lopez opines about an urban community gardener’s plight in South Los Angeles in this article.  The gardener, Ron Finley, planted a community garden on his 10 ft. by 150 ft. long “parkway”.  You might recognize the term “parkway”.  It’s where many of us were ticketed for parking a few weekends ago.  Like Finley, many of us keep our parkways manicured, either with grass, gravel, or, the unthinkable….trees, flowers and vegetables.

Finley was given a fix-it-ticket, either remove the garden or pay up.  We were given no such option.  We were simply cited for $58 a pop and left to stew.

Councilmember Herb Wesson stepped up to the plate for Finley in the same way we are asking Councilmember Bill Rosendahl to step up for us.  This is what Rosedahl is known for – common sense, logical action on behalf of his constituents.

Another week has g0ne by and there has yet to be a resolution.

Our fingers are crossed, both for Finley and for ourselves.

Good luck to all!


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