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I just paid the city $116…

…and I’m angry about it.

Are you?

See the disabled placard? Is it realistic to ask this homeowner to walk two blocks to their car?


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  1. i have arthritis and i had to carry my groceries two blocks this afternoon. it hurts to type but i need to vent. i was in tears when i got home, mostly because my hands hurt, but also because my pride was hurt. i have parked in one spot for 12 years and now i feel as though the police are going to arrest me if i park there ever again. i do’nt like feeling like this and i want to know what we can do to make this stop. please if you are listening mr. rosendahl do something now before everyone is as sad and depressed as i am.

  2. If I block the sidewalk I should be ticketed. Since I don’t block the sidewalk, I shouldn’t be ticketed. This is an open and shut case. If I receive another ticket I am going to pony up with my neighbor to file a lawsuit against the city. I won’t be treated like this any longer.

  3. I’d be even more outraged if I were elderly or disabled. The City hasn’t thought this one through AT ALL.


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