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City Watch: The Public’s Search for Parking, Nuch’s Search for Revenue

This article is a follow-up to the Stephen Box and focuses more on our unique issues in the Palisades.  Did you know that you are liable for tickets at higher amounts for any violation after the first?  Did you know that we can band together and challenge this seemingly short-sighted enforcement tactic?

Some of our favorite lines from the article follow:

There are two plausible explanations for the City Attorney Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich’s decision to pursue the more complicated and less effective solution to the problem of blocked sidewalks, three if you count simple incompetence.

In either case, the focus is on revenue, not results, resulting in a long drawn out journey that does little to keep the sidewalks clear for the mobility challenged but does lots to generate revenue for the City of LA.

Nuch has rolled over, allowing the plaintiff to frame the debate in such a way that “Apron Parking” is defined as “the practice of vehicles parking in driveways so they protrude onto the pedestrians rights of way, leaving insufficient space for persons with mobility aids to pass.”   An outraged recipient of an LADOT citation [link] argues “This is like defining “Street Parking” as “the practice of parking on the street parallel to the curb so the car protrudes onto a driveway opening, leaving insufficient space for persons with cars to pass into their driveways,” Or, “metered parking” as “the practice of parking in a metered space without paying the meter.” It is a fallacious definition.

In times such as these, it is absolutely arrogant and cavalier of the City Attorney to avoid the real ADA issue of blocked sidewalks in favor of a revenue scheme that has significant negative impact to the residents of Los Angeles.

Watching Nuch (Trutanich) fumble the “Apron Parking” issue brings the words of former Los Angeles City Councilwoman Ruth Galanter to mind, “I used to believe in conspiracies, until I discovered incompetence.”

We recommend reading this article and commenting as vociferously as possible.  Please forward this to as many neighbors as you know so the outrage can circulate.

Once again, we seem to be persecuted by the City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (a candidate for County District Attorney for what it’s worth), the LADOT under Jaime de la Vega‘s leadership and a text-while-driving parking enforcement person.


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  1. Trutanich is a petty tyrant hypocrite. Has anyone noticed the way he parks his SUV when he visits Neighborhood Council meetings to campaign for becoming DA? He is nearly ALWAYS illegally parked but has his security guards standing by to ward off parking enforcement. It’s not just parking, we all know Trutanich is a tough guy on illegal billboards, but did you know that for over two years he had his own “Carmen Trutanich City Attorney” billboards on Ventura Blvld and did not have a permit for them? According to his own law, illegal off-site billboards should cost him $1,000 a day in fines, but he gets a pass. The Los Angeles Dragnet recently questioned Trutanich’s billboards, and he had to take them down. Go to or just Google “Trutanich billboardgate.”

    Are you beginning to see the way Trutanich enforces the law? One rule for you, but another for him and his “friends.” This phony politician earns over $220k a year of our money, but he spends most of his time campaigning to become DA. Where’s the accountability and transparency in that? He has raised $500k in contributions for his DA campaign, mostly from big firms that do business with the city of LA. Do you think they are trying to buy favor from Nuch? Certainly looks like he’s only too willing to sell off the remainder of his first term as City Attorney to the highest bidder.

    Don’t expect your grassroots effort to work unless you really get the word out. The fix is in. Jaime de la Vega, the newly appointed head of LA DOT is the husband of Nuch’s head of HR, and it sure would help Jaime if he can use the connection to the City Attorney to make him look good with this crazy plan to finance the City off the backs of law abiding residents.

    But it gets worse. Trutanich is trying to rush through his “ACE Program.” If you think the parking thing is bad, wait till you see how “ACE” will fine LA residents mercilessly for the most petty and minor violations of the municipal code. The Dept. of Building & Safety will eventually become the lead city department issuing “Administrative Citations” for having an untidy overgrown front yard, or a fence too high, or a water heater replaced without a permit. Yep, that’s the same city department currently under investigation by the FBI for selling permits for cash in the hands of inspectors.

    And the “beauty” of Nuch’s ACE? No pesky criminal courts to deal with. He gets to set up his own “Administrative” courts with his own judges where you will get the same “due process” as you get when you try to fight a traffic ticket – none.

    Wake up LA. You cannot trust anything Trutanich says – after all he was the one who promised he would not run for higher office and complete a full term as city attorney if elected. Barely one year after being elected, he started running to be DA. Don’t let it happen.

  2. Hey Guys, let’s join forces.

    We started getting ticketed in Los Feliz on August 28th. I started a website and blog as well: and a petition (link on my site). Stephen was quoting me in his article regarding the fallacious definition of “apron parking.” This issue is not about ADA violations. This is about UCLA urban planning professor Donald Shoup and his personal agenda to change the way we park in L.A. He wants us to pay $70 (approx.) a month to park in front of our homes! He believes this will encourage people to get rid of their cars.

    We are planning a city-wide demonstration this Sunday. Residents in Los Feliz/Silver Lake, Westside and Fairfax/Wilshire areas will be passing out flyers in their respective neighborhoods and some of us will also be standing at major intersections holding up posters spreading awareness about this issue. If anyone from the Palisades will like to join us, please email me: Maybe the people behind this blog can get a group together to pass out flyers in the Palisades area. I’ve had a lot of press contact me in the last week. I’m hoping to get a lot of news stations to come out on Sunday! The more press we get, the faster we can spread awareness about this issue. The more people know about it, the more support we can get.

    This has been primarily a “UCLA student” issue for too long. Now, it’s city wide. The City will hear our voices. We will make sure we get an ordinance change!


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