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“It is the responsibility of the Respondent to walk the street and look for street signs on the block”

As seen in this Hearing Examiner Report/Notice of Decision, the City is taking no responsibility for anything other than the revenue it can generate by ticketing and/or towing everyone they can.  Despite the fact that the no parking sign was obstructed from view and a LAMC section stating that the sign must be visible, otherwise there cannot be a violation issued, the City upheld the ticket in the amount of $88.  This does not include the towing fee incurred.  This was a $300 expense all-in, not to mention the time, tears and anger this invoked.  The tow truck operator even told my friend that this specific area where she parked is a major cash generator for the City.  They tow cars there all the time.  It’s just across the street from an elementary school.  There is nothing like towing a parent’s car when they’re picking up their child from school.  Such a cruel joke.  Shame on you, City.



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