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No Action + Angry Residents = Votes?

The longer the City drags their feet on the parking issue, the worse it gets.  For us AND for the City officials we, in theory, elected to represent us.

This starts with Bill Rosendahl, a noted champion of the people and someone who fights for his constituents like no other Councilmember in Los Angeles.  Bill has only given our issue lip service to-date.  He hasn’t taken the time to listen to us, to understand our unique issue, nor has he stood up for us like he seems to do for his Mar Vista contingent regardless of what they want or need.  Bill is up for re-election.  You may or may not know this, but you should. 

Next up on the list is Carmen Trutanich, the City Attorney.  He too is running for office, this time reneging on a pledge he made to *not* run for another office.  Like many politicians, the promises they make are like potholes – they riddle our city streets, but are rarely filled.  We should remember that the Westside was instrumental in electing Trutanich, though some might say that was a referendum on Jack(ass) Weiss rather than a pr0-Nuch vote. has made it crystal clear that Trutanich has directed LADOT to enforce against us, despite the fact that the City Attorney is not a policy-maker and the City Attorney works for the City Council (not the other way around).

Trutanich specifically directed LADOT to start enforcing city wide LAMC 80.53.  –

Finally, you’ve got Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the guy who, in his stint as our Mayor, has never missed an opportunity to smile in front of a camera, but has done little else except fumble his way through the schools issue when he was first elected.  Villaraigosa did appoint Jaime de la Vega as the head of the LADOT.  de la Vega, of course, is the guy who has taken Trutanich’s order and run with it despite the fact that he doesn’t work for Trutanich.  Villaraigosa, of course, is toying with the idea of running for Governor when (if?) Jerry Brown decides that three terms is enough for him.

All three of these elected officials seem to have the power to solve our parking crisis.  Will they?  As it stands today, our guess is that most of them won’t lift a finger.  That’s too bad for them, as Palisades voters turn out en masse.  These are votes they need and votes they risk losing.

The solution?  Save our parking or we will find candidates who can.


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  1. Just because you think you should get to park illegally doesn’t mean these elected officials should be penalized for doing there jobs


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