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An Update

Word on the street is that the City, despite the temporary fix, hasn’t yet figured out how to solve the parkway parking issue.  Enjoy your parking while you can, this could be a bumpy ride.

Elsewhere, Deputy City Attorney Laurie Rittenberg told the LA Times that, “Property owners already own the sidewalks, and the property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks.”  Really Laurie?  Do we also own the trees we can’t trim without a permit and do we pay your salary?  It is a bold presumption, but at some point in time it’s likely that you weren’t completely brainwashed, so perhaps you can decide that your statement is just plain CRAZY.  If we own the sidewalks, why can’t we park on them, block them, or paint art murals on them if we so choose?

Finally, the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association sent out an email with a parking ticket alert.

The City of Los Angeles has initiated strict enforcement of the prohibition of parking vehicles that block the sidewalk.  This is a result of a lawsuit brought in the North Westwood Village area under federal Americans with Disability Act (ADA).  It is ironic that a neighbor was ticketed on a block that does not have a contiguous sidewalk.

Memo to Laurie and the DOT:  What the hell is wrong with you?



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