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We are a group of homeowners who live on Sunset between Marquez and Marquez.  Street parking is non-existent or extremely limited for us.  When school is in session, we have even fewer options.  For years we parked on the easement space in front of our homes.  One day the LA DOT decided to go on a ticket-issuing spree and gave out $58.00 tickets to everyone parked in their normal, allotted space.

No longer can we park in front of our homes.  No longer can we have service providers, friends, or even family park in front of our homes for fear of being ticketed.

We are young, old, working and retired.  We vote.  We engage in the political process…and now, we’re among the growing number of unhappy citizens affected by disturbing decisions made by the very city officials we elected to represent us.

We call on Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and his staff to find an immediate and expedited solution to our issue.


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  1. Captain Obvious

    Thanks for creating this blog. We really appreciate it. It’s been two weeks and we’re sick of either getting tickets or blocking four blocks away from our house. It’s ridiculous. Enough!


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