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“It is the responsibility of the Respondent to walk the street and look for street signs on the block”

As seen in this Hearing Examiner Report/Notice of Decision, the City is taking no responsibility for anything other than the revenue it can generate by ticketing and/or towing everyone they can.  Despite the fact that the no parking sign was obstructed from view and a LAMC section stating that the sign must be visible, otherwise there cannot be a violation issued, the City upheld the ticket in the amount of $88.  This does not include the towing fee incurred.  This was a $300 expense all-in, not to mention the time, tears and anger this invoked.  The tow truck operator even told my friend that this specific area where she parked is a major cash generator for the City.  They tow cars there all the time.  It’s just across the street from an elementary school.  There is nothing like towing a parent’s car when they’re picking up their child from school.  Such a cruel joke.  Shame on you, City.



Seen: Parking Enforcement Texting While Driving

Parking Article – There is a rising tide of discontent in neighborhoods across LA

Stephen Box wrote a great article about parking woes in Los Angeles.  While news of our issue has yet to reach Mr. Box, we should be thankful that he wrote the article and thankful that he has brought further attention to such an egregious act of enforcement ridiculousness.

Please read this article.  Tell me what you think.  Tell Box what you think.

Despite the lame efforts of LADOT “guru” Jaime de la Vega, de la Vega is nothing more, it appears, than City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s lapdog.  By the way, if “Nuch” is really running for District Attorney, the best way to piss off a whole lot of voters is to direct the meter maids to ruin homeowner’s property values.  Perhaps they really don’t care about the neighborhoods and never really have.

Bill Rosendahl cares and we’re counting on Bill to deliver on our behalf.

Where The Sidewalk Ends…And The Parking Pain Begins!

There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Where's the sidewalk?

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Outraged Homeowners Highlighted in Palisadian-Post

The Palisadian-Post wrote an excellent article that was published today entitled Sunset Residents (Marquez-Salerno) Angered by Sudden Parking Tickets.  Staff Writer Sue Pascoe has done an excellent job framing the issue before us today, specifically that we have no other available parking and the City has been unwavering in their opposition to having a small subset of affected residents park (God forbid) in front of their own homes.

What was not said, but should be noted, is that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, under the visionary leadership of Jaime de la Vega, has single-handedly attempted to decrease our property values, negatively impact our lives and destroy the belief t we once had in our public servants to do the right thing on behalf of its constituents.  Whether we’ve lived her for a day or six decades, the unexpected and heavy-handed ticketing lacks common sense.

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