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Assemblyman Mike Gatto Gets It

I want to thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding the issues you care about.  It is people like you, who are well-informed and take the time to share your opinions, who will help California fix our problems and become once again the great state that we know it can be.

I am personally writing you back, because I believe those who serve in government must be responsive and accessible, particularly to caring, responsible citizens like you.

You wrote to urge my support for municipal-code adjustments to allow for “apron” parking.  Read the rest of this entry


No Action + Angry Residents = Votes?

The longer the City drags their feet on the parking issue, the worse it gets.  For us AND for the City officials we, in theory, elected to represent us.

This starts with Bill Rosendahl, a noted champion of the people and someone who fights for his constituents like no other Councilmember in Los Angeles.  Bill has only given our issue lip service to-date.  He hasn’t taken the time to listen to us, to understand our unique issue, nor has he stood up for us like he seems to do for his Mar Vista contingent regardless of what they want or need.  Bill is up for re-election.  You may or may not know this, but you should. 

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City Watch: The Public’s Search for Parking, Nuch’s Search for Revenue

This article is a follow-up to the Stephen Box and focuses more on our unique issues in the Palisades.  Did you know that you are liable for tickets at higher amounts for any violation after the first?  Did you know that we can band together and challenge this seemingly short-sighted enforcement tactic?

Some of our favorite lines from the article follow: Read the rest of this entry